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To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Organic Products and Services.

At AQUAHYD we aim to create a healthier, cleaner environment for the present & coming generation by facilitating and growing fresh food technologically at homes, offices & commercial farms. The produce is healthier , resh and more nutritious and has longer shelf life which helps in creating healthierecosystem. The technology helps in saving valuable water, land and labor resources moreover the controlled growing system enables to produce food with NO use of harmful chemicals and is also 100 residue free.


The company has its own production line in Hydroponic equipment & in-house developed automation system along with a strong knowledge of agriculture techniques. We help in consultation and setting up vertical farms globally using our line of products. We provide end to end farm management solution and execute projects on turn key basis from development of climate controlled Polyhouse/Polycarbonate house to Aeroponic set up and training resources on how to run the farm efficiently and impart technology training.

Aquahyd Farm

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Natural. Sustainable.

Beyond money and ethics, though, organic farming practices result in numerous environmental benefits. Reduced Exposure to Pesticides and Chemicals. Organic Farming Builds Healthy Soil. Fighting the Effects of Global Warming. Organic Farming Supports Water Conservation and Water Health. Discouraging Algal Blooms.